Common Types of Salon Furniture

Salon furniture like salon chairs and drying racks are crucial to the functioning and success of your salon. This means that understanding what type of furniture you need for your space can help you make the most of your business. If you are new to the game, here is a review of common types of salon furniture.

A hair and beauty salon cannot function without chairs because clients need to sit down to receive your services. The first thing you need to determine is the types of chairs that fit in your salon. If you are opening a barber shop, then you need to invest in the more masculine design of barber chairs. If you are opening a salon, however, you should buy sleek, fashionable salon chairs.

Salon Stations
A salon station is the operation center of every salon business because it helps you maintain order in an otherwise chaotic space. A salon station is designed to hold your tools of work but can also be a statement about your brand. When choosing salon stations, make sure you pick materials and designs that complement your personality.

Pedicure/ Manicure Stations
One of the most crucial pieces of furniture in a pedicure or manicure station is a manicure table. For this one, you want to choose a style and finish that is both elegant and convenient, but also easy to sanitize. You will also need a manicure or pedicure drawer or cart to hold your tools and supplies.

Reception Furniture
The reception is the first area your clients see when they walk into your salon. You need to stock this area with a reception desk and chair, seating for clients waiting for an appointment, product shelving, and magazine stands. All these furniture pieces must be organized into a sleek and functional design.

Spa Furniture
If you are setting up a spa, the type of salon furniture you will need include massage chairs, waxing beds, massage tables, and facial beds. Make sure each piece is extremely comfortable!